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Rub noses with a gray whale,  Pet a Giant Panda BearWalk a Tiger on a leash!



   Whale watching & Animal encounter trips around the World
Baja Jones Adventures is the premier all inclusive whale watching tour operator.  We guarantee whale encounters on every trip.  You will see whales with us.  You will get close to whales.  The same for our China Panda trips.  You will get close to & touch a panda, we guarantee it. Gray Whales
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The friendliest whales in the sea.  Join our "Guaranteed to touch a wild whale trip".
Baja Jones Adventures is the premier Baja whale watching tour operator.  Nobody else compares.
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Pet a Panda-Guaranteed
Join our leader as he travels to China to work with pandas in a Panda preserve.  Walk the Great Wall,  see the famous life sized terra cotta army & so much more. Work inside a panda preserve with the Chinese panda experts!

Try out my new book about Pandas. Stories and tales about pandas and about the Chinese Panda breeding program that you have probably never heard before.

Blue Whales
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Blue whale & finback whale trips.   Encounters guaranteed.
Currently available are CDs containing images of gray whales, images of blue whales & finback whales & our newest CD swimming with Whale Sharks.  Guaranteed encounters on every Baja Jones trip!  There is a reason why we are the only marine encounter tour operator who offers a money back guarantee on every trip we do. Narwhal
Arctic Adventure

Travel with Keith 400 miles north of the Arctic Circle.  Experience the Arctic in a most unique manner.

Thailand        Tigers & elephants
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Walk a tiger on a leash. Sit there with his head in your lap!  Give an elephant a bath.  Ride and swim with elephants.  Thailand, land of smiles and friendly people!
Our  trips are all inclusive from the meeting point.  Most trips involve lodging at a hotel or motel.  We eat in restaurants.  Our transportation varies, but is normally a 15 passenger van when traveling in Baja.  There is always an English speaking guide along with you. Normally Keith is also along as head guide or is the trip leader on such trips as the pandas or tigers.
  This is our entry page.  Follow the links for lots of information about whales and other animals and for specifics about our trips.  Since 1992 every person who has traveled with Keith has seen whales every day that they have been whale watching with him.  Since 1999 every person who has been on a 5 or 6 day gray whale trip with Keith has had the opportunity to touch a gray whale.  Our head naturalist has spent more than a dozen years as a whale naturalist and guide.  He is on the water almost every day during the various whale watching seasons where we operate, spending hundreds of hours each year observing whales in the wild.  Our record is unmatched by any whale watching operation  anywhere in the world.  We believe that we are the best at what we do.  
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