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    Locations for swimming with Whale sharks around the world
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Our favorite location is Holbox Island, Mexico.  We guarantee that you will have the opportunity to swim with a whale shark while on any of our trips!
A close second for us is Bahia de Los Angeles.  The whale sharks are actually easier to view here.   However the town and shore activities are not as much fun as on Holbox.
December, 2005 we will also be traveling with a small group to Mozambique.  This small African nation is located on the east coast on the north border of South Africa.  Besides super whale sharks we will also do a land safari on this trip.  Space still available for this once in a lifetime adventure.
March, 2006 we will travel with a small group to the Philippine Islands.  This trip will be a wonderful adventure unlike any you may ever be involved in.  Whale sharks guaranteed of course.
May, 2005 we will travel with a small group to Belize.  This tiny country on the south border of Mexico is well known for tropic rain forests and whale sharks.  The whale sharks seen here may be some of the same ones that we see at Holbox Island.  Ongoing research and tagging programs will one day tell us for certain.
May, 2006 Ningaloo Reef, Australia.  This is the location that started all the excitement about whale sharks.  Each year tens of thousands of swimmers travel to this far off location to have the opportunity to swim with whale sharks.
Donsol is a small coastal fishing town, 350 miles from Manila, on the southwest coast of Luzon in the Philippines.  It is visited by Whale Sharks each Spring.  The local name for the sharks is Butanding.  Of course the local fishermen were aware of them for years, but didn't realize what an opportunity they presented to bring tourist dollars to the area.   A team of foreign divers publicized the whale sharks here for the first time in year 1998.