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gray whale/blue whale combination trip itinerary

5 day gray whale watching itinerary


Day # 1 : Leave the border bright and early. Travel to Guerrero Negro, arrive in the afternoon. We make an excellent lunch stop near the remote village of Catavina. There we will have the opportunity to visit an interesting ancient cave painting site. Then a short three hour drive gets us to our destination. After getting situated in our rooms we meet for dinner and an orientation talk by our own Baja Jones.

Days #2 and 4:  Meet for breakfast and then travel to the lagoon where we will spend the day whale watching, lunch will be served by the friendly Palapa crew. Then weather permitting a second trip out onto the lagoon will be in order. The afternoon and evening are unstructured. Dinner will be prepared by some of the best chefs in Central Baja. Time permitting those who aren't too tired can take a walk through the small town searching for a souvenir or just looking.

Day #3 Alternate itinerary: Meet for breakfast. Today we venture to the Inner lagoon observation area #2 for one whale watching boat trip. We expect to see more mothers with babies, possibly close views of mating groups. Afterward our whale watching we will relax at a shoreside palapa while enjoying a picnic style buffet lunch. Later we have time to visit the old lighthouse and the old salt dock.

Day #5 : All good trips eventually end. And so will ours. This is our travel back to the U.S. day. We'll leave early and arrive in the United States mid-afternoon, depending on the border crossing.

Our trips concentrate on whale watching first. We are all there to see gray whales. Dolphins, birds and land mammals are all found nearby to the whale lagoons and likely will be observed during our travel.

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Note:  Our daily itineraries are only a guide to what you may expect.  Each day brings a unique mix of weather conditions and animal activities.  Sometimes we alter the normal itinerary to better enhance your experience.  Our primary mission is to help you to experience the World's Greatest Whale Watching in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

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