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                                    Beijing - more trip details about this segment of our tour
               The Forbidden City
The Forbidden City was off-limits to most of the world for 500 years. This grouping of 800 buildingd with 9,999 rooms evokes images of beautiful concubines guarded by muscular eunuchs, aged emperors,  and conspicuous wealth beyond the imaging of the ancient poverty chained Chinese peasant.
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Most of the existing buildings were built from 1700 on.  Older buildings were repeatedly destroyed by fire or invading armies.   A full time maintenance and restoration army works continually on the structures.  Roughly 10 year cycles are required to repair and maintain the complex before it is time to begin again.

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             Chinese Acrobats!
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For some, the acrobats will be the highlight of our Beijing visit.
        Meeting the People
During out stay in Beijing we'll be accompanied by a Chinese speaking guide most of the time.  In addition we will probably meet some Chinese natives and have the opportunity to talk and eat with them.  Friends of Keith will probably join us for an evening meal and possibly come along with us during some the sightseeing.  They like to practice their English and to meet foreigners.  Our clients have told us that this adds a lot of interest to the tours.
One afternoon (time permitting) we will take a leisurely rickshaw ride through some of the ancient hutong areas.  These areas have remained relatively unchanged for hundreds of years.  Now, as Beijing gradually undergoes total redevelopment those hutongs are disappearing.  The old face of China is slowly getting rebuilt.
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Those who don't feel so adventuresome about their food choices will have a good meal in a nice restaurant.  Keith, who is scheduled to lead this trip, loves to eat from street vendors and outdoor food stands.  Whether in New York at a hot dog cart, Mexico at a taco stand or here in China at a street vendors' stand he is compelled to  test and taste as wide a variety of food as he can find.
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    Our hotel choice in Beijing is the 4 star Peixin Hotel.  We also use the 3 star Chongwenmen Hotel and the 4 star Golden Palace Hotel.

        The Great Wall
Click here to read about the Great Wall, which we also visit during the Beijing segment our tour.  Our tour takes you to the least visited section of the wall.  It is also the most scenic and photogenic.  Why is it the least visited?  Because the transport costs to that location are far greater.  So almost all the tours go to the Badaling or Simitai sections of the wall.


The Summer Palace
We have changed our visit to the Forbidden City to be to The Summer Palace.  This is because of over crowding at the Forbidden City.  Or we may visit

The Lama Temple
Built in the 1700s this very large temple is a fine example of the architecture and furnishings of the time.  Unlike the Forbidden City or the Summer Palace, here we can actually walk inside many of the rooms.  This Temple houses a fantastic 26 meter tall standing Buddha carved from a single enormous sandalwood tree.  This is Keith's favorite of the three locations we might visit. We usually visit the Summer Palace and seldom go to The Lama Temple because it is not as well known.

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