Baja Jones Adventure Travel
Gray Whale Safari Camp
On the shore of laguna Ojo de Liebre
(formerly known as Scammon's Lagoon)

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Travel with Baja Jones Adventure Travel for an amazing gray whale watching experience. Enjoy our upscale safari accommodations, in spacious tents, on the beach within view of the whales. You can hear the whales breathing throughout the night, then get amazingly close to the whales themselves when we head out in the boats to get up close. We offer the best safari camp experience, in the very best location for gray whales. We camp right on the shore of Laguna Ojo de Liebre (Scammon's Lagoon for those of you who have explored the history of this area) and embark on boat trips within view of camp. You can enjoy the walk along the beach or we'll dive you up to the dock to board the boats. This lagoon is a favorite place for gray whales to have their babies and teach them to get their swimming rhythm. Our guests have enjoyed the experience of watching baby gray whales learning to surface and take breaths. We watch babies come right up to our boats (as you can see in the video below), sometimes against the will of their mothers; not to worry, when the mother is ready to move on, she guides the little one away, once he's looked around and met some inquisitive people above. The adults are often just as interested in the faces peering over the side of the boats and love the interactions as well. We endeavor to make this a trip of a lifetime, though we do really enjoy when you join us again. For those of you who traveled with us before we established our safari camp, it may be time to come back, the experience is outstanding. The years it took to get this camp going have been all worth it, and we have the best whale watching experience yet. To book a trip now, get more information, or ask a question, click above to send us an email. So whether you're planning a family or group trip or checking off a bucket list item, please consider choosing us to make this a up close animal encounter for you.

whale camp at morning light    GrayWhaleWebVideo

Imagine laying on a soft comfortable bed, covered by a thick fluffy comforter, while outside, close enough you can hear them, the sleeping whales breathe gently in the night air.  Listening quietly, you slip from your bed, your feet enjoy the soft rug on the floor.  You shiver as the cool air surrounds you. To ward off the cold you wrap a soft hotel furnished robe around you. Stepping outside your seaside accommodation you marvel at a sky filled with millions of stars.

camp at night

Some information about our seaside tented lodge or if you like, call it our whale safari camp.

1.  Our camp is the closest camp or seaside whale watching location to the USA border.

2.  Located inside the protected Vizcaino Biosphere Reserve. Access only through a secured gate located 15 miles from our camp.

3.  Seaside location on the shore of Laguna Ojo de Liebre.

4.  Remote location is 30 miles from the nearest small town.  250 miles from the nearest large town and 450 miles from the USA border.

5.  A safe and friendly location far from the stress of big cities. 

We welcome solo travelers and do not penalize you for traveling alone.

The camp is quiet and dark, but the solar path lighting sets a fantasy world scene, with muted light reflecting on the lapping waves at the shore.  In the distance a lonely coyote howls a call to her mate.  Roosting shore birds rustle with the sound of the coyotes.  A friendly kangaroo mouse skitters beneath a bush as you stroll past the large dining tent, now quiet and dark.  A large and silent owl swoops past the camp, perhaps stalking that cute desert rodent.

watching whales from our tent

Camp amenities

What's in our Tents
Real bedroom size at 10' X 14' with standing headroom even for those of us 6 foot tall.

Rugs on the floor.
Comfortable beds with soft mattresses, fluffy comforters, warm fleece blankets & cushy pillows.
Warm and cozy robes to slip on for showering or relaxing as you watch whales from your bed.
Convenient clothing and gear storage with molded hangers convenient open basket style storage.

Showers & toilets

              Gas fired water heaters to provide 24 hour instantly hot water.  Large and convenient to use.
              Real flush toilets like in most homes.

Whale watching

               We are convinced this is the single best location on the planet for whale watching.
               There is no location anywhere with as many whales ready to come up close to your boat. 
               A typical tour includes either one or two boat trips each, depending on the specific itinerary.
               Baja Jones has an unblemished perfect 20 year history of successful trips with close encounters.

At the edge of the camp grounds you pause to gaze out at the dark water, thinking about your experience earlier in the day when a mother and baby gray whale came to the side of your boat.  Your dream of petting a wild whale was now reality.  One of the most exciting days you have ever experienced is coming to an end.  Wisely you return to your well appointed tent to get a few hours sleep before you set out to find another friendly whale.

tent interior

Food and drinks

Typically we provide 3 meals each day. Breakfast and lunch are ordered from a normal cafe style menu. (click here to view menu)

Dinner is a special dining experience. Each night we serve a 5 to 8 course meal designed to highlight the locally available food. Our dinners are prepared using traditional methods and recipes by one of the finest cooks in Central

Baja (maybe all of Baja). But we are taking Mexican food to a new level, combining authentic flavor and ingredients with new are surprisingly tasty results.
We provide coffee, hot or cold tea and purified water all day.  Hot water & coffee in thermos' available for in your tent all the time.

chile cheese sampler      seafood brochette     strawberry mango

This is one person's real life experience at our Whale Safari Camp.  What will your experience be like?
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