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                         2012 Trip Departure Schedule 
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Gray Whale trip departures 2010 dates 2011 dates now available

Gray whale watching in Baja, Mexico at Laguna Ojo de Liebre inside the Vizcaino Biosphere Reserve  Blue whale and Fin Whale watching inside the Loreto National Marine Park.  Narwhal encounter and Arctic trip to Baffin Island, Canada.  Pandamania, Pet a Panda whenwe travel to the heart of China to experience close encounters with Giant Pandas.  Whale Sharks (not really whales, but a great fun trip) during this trip we'll snorkel with the largest fish species in the world.  Lots of sunshine and warm weather. The Tiger Temple Thailand where we work in close contact with lots of real tigers!
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Please note that the gray whales will be present inside the mouth of Laguna Ojo de Liebre until mid or late April.   We do not schedule many trips during April, but frequently we do unscheduled "spring break" trips with families of school aged kids during April.  This can be an exceptional opportunity for a family trip at an affordable price.  Email us and we will gladly work out a special custom trip date, but at the regular price.   Should you decide to book a special trip we do guarantee that there will be gray whales present in the lagoon during your March or April Spring Break visit.  We do not ever want to have a disappointed customer.




Pandamania! Pet a Panda when you join one of our upcoming China travel trips.   We will be inside a Chinese Panda Preserve working with the panda keepers and trainers.  Plus we'll visit the Great Wall, The Forbidden Palace and eat loads of authentic Chinese food. Who else but Baja Jones would dare to guarantee you the opportunity to pet (or feed or hold) a real live Giant Panda Bear!
Thailand Tiger Temple and elephant rescue tour - - $1,995 Pet a tiger, walk with a really big tiger.
Narwhals of the Arctic. airfare to Pond Inlet not included.An exciting  adventure to Baffin Island Canada.  Trip date is August 15.  Click here for details of this one of a kind trip.  A trip that is not available anywhere else in the entire world except through Keith, here at Baja Jones. 
5 day trip:   Swimming with the Whale Sharks.  A great summer trip to the Sea of Cortez or to a tropical fantasy island in the Philippines.   Warm water, great snorkeling and encounters with the largest fish in the world.   These trips are exciting and really adventuresome trips that you will talk about for years to come.  Click here for details.  
There are several types of trips listed above:

Standard drive down trips for the gray whale and whale sharks:   Our original whale watching trip.  Departs and returns to the Holiday Inn-Bayside in San Diego, California.  Along the way south you will enjoy viewing dramatic and unique desert and mountain scenery.  You will have the opportunity to visit an ancient cave painting site at our remote wilderness lunch stop.  Total actual road drive time averages 9 hours for the gray whales and 8 hours for whale sharks.

For all Loreto access via scheduled air lines trips the following applies.  Contact us for information about the airlines that fly into Loreto.  We don't make your flight arrangements.  We meet you at the Loreto airport upon your arrival.   These fly in to Loreto whale trips DO NOT include the air from the USA to Loreto, Baja California Sur, Mexico.  You must book your own flight to there.   We meet you at the airport.

This schedule is loaded with choices.  We believe there is a trip to fit every serious whale watcher and outdoor enthusiasts budget and time table.  There are great trips to experience close encounters with wild animals other than whales, as well.   For a real overload of whale watching look closely at our combination gray whale and blue whale trips.  Nobody gives more world class whale watching for the money than we do.  The 5 day trips have proven over many years to be ideal for the "normal" whale watcher who wants to have a great experience, but who may not have the fanaticism, time, the desire or the budget to spend more than 3 days out on the water.     There is a trip here to suit just about anyone.  Our  Loreto Blue whale & Fin whale  trips are  accessed through scheduled airlines and allow you to easily add days on to the beginning or end of our trip to enjoy the warmer Sea of Cortez east side of Baja in a resort style town and hotel.  We gladly assist you with suggestions on things to do and with arranging those activities.
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Gray whales and Baja Mexico
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